Covid update – August 2020

The following changes to normal club practice will apply to both Sunday and Thursday walks until further notice:

  • Meet at the start: All walks will be offered on a meet-at-the-start basis. Although this very much goes against our club ethos, it is sadly unavoidable. Walkers will be responsible for getting themselves to the start of the walk, or for forming their own car-sharing partnerships if they feel safe to do so. Bus options may be available for Thursday walks. Leaders will be giving meet-at-the-start times.
  • One metre apart: Walkers from different households should keep one metre apart during the walk.
  • Limit on numbers: This is a very grey area, as there is now different guidance for different types of activity and it is not clear which category our club walking falls into. We have decided to set an absolute maximum of 8, including the leader, on each walk. Some leaders may set a limit of six. Please check group size with the leader if you have any concerns about safety. The leader will be responsible for enforcing the limit.
  • Book in advance: To enable them to do so, you must contact the leader in advance to book a place on the walk. You should also let them know if you are subsequently unable to attend, so they can offer the place to someone else or save themselves a journey to the start if there are no takers.
  • Contact tracing: The leader must collect contact details from each person on the walk. Anyone developing symptoms within 48 hours of attending a walk should notify the leader immediately, as well as following official Test & Trace procedures. The leader should then notify everyone else on the walk.
  • Bring all your own food and drink: Thursday walkers will need to bring a packed lunch and drinks, as there will be no cafĂ© or pub visits. On Sundays, it will be up to each person or car to decide what they want to do about tea at the end of the walk. They may wish to bring an extra Thermos, brew up on a camping stove, or stop to pick up a takeaway tea/coffee on the way home.

It goes without saying that you should not attend a walk if you feel unwell, have been advised to self-isolate or are shielding, or are living with someone who is self-isolating or shielding.