Covid update – April 2021

The following changes to normal club practice will apply to both Sunday and Thursday walks until further notice:

Meet at the start: Sadly we still cannot facilitate car sharing, as this represents meeting indoors and is not permitted, but this may change on 17th Until then, walkers should use their own cars or share only with members of their own household or social bubble. It will be up to Thursday walk leaders (and walkers) to decide whether or not they wish to use buses.

Limit on numbers: The guidance for walking clubs is still somewhat unclear and we know of clubs that are allowing larger groups, but until 17th May we are sticking to the ‘rule of six’, largely to limit the number of cars at popular parking spots.

Book in advance: To enable leaders to manage the numbers, places will have to be pre-booked and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so please contact the leader as soon as possible if you wish to go on a walk.

Social distancing: Walkers from different households should aim to keep two metres apart during the walk.

Contact tracing: The leader should collect contact details from each person on the walk. Anyone developing Covid symptoms within 48 hours of attending a walk should notify the leader immediately, as well as following NHS Test and Trace procedures, and the leader should then notify everyone else on the walk.  

Bring all your own food and drink: No teashop visits will be organised. Walkers may wish to bring an extra flask for the end of the walk or opt to drive straight home. Thursday walkers should bring packed lunch and drinks.

With the further lifting of restrictions expected on17th May, we hope to be fully up and running (well, walking) by the summer. Until then, stay well and enjoy the outdoors.