About our walks

We aim to provide a choice of two walks every Sunday, depending on the availability of leaders: a longer walk of 9-12 miles and a shorter, slower-paced walk of 6-8 miles. We always stop for tea at a local teashop after our Sunday walks. We also offer a Thursday morning walk once a month throughout the year (these are 4-5 miles and finish with a pub lunch), and occasional Wednesday evening walks in summer.

Each walk is carefully planned and reconnoitred by a leader, who is responsible for the route and for the safety of the group.  If you are in doubt about your ability to undertake a walk, please contact the leader, who will be able to advise you as to the nature of the terrain and the level of fitness required.

If you are interested in leading walks, please talk to the Walks Organiser and consult the information for leaders.

Meeting point and transport
You do not need a car to join us on our walks.  We meet in central Exeter and share cars, using as few vehicles as possible to travel to the start of the walk.  This is useful when there is limited parking space at the start of the walk and is also environmentally sound.

Our meeting place is the Triangle car park in Clifton Road, EX1 2BL (see map). You will find us gathering close to the entrance, opposite the Clifton Inn.  On most Sundays we leave from here at 9.30 am prompt, but please consult the programme and check the start time as this can vary.  We may make an earlier start if a long drive is involved.  From the start of November to the end of January, all Sunday walks of 8 miles or more have a 9.00 am departure, because of the shorter daylight hours and earlier teashop closing times.  

If you are a car owner it would be appreciated if you would bring your car to the meeting point and be prepared to drive occasionally.  Any cars that are not needed are left in a free parking zone nearby and collected at the end of the day.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a car, as we will nearly always be able to find you a place in one.  Passengers are asked to contribute towards the cost of fuel – currently 6p per mile, with a maximum of £6.

If you live near the start of a walk and wish to join the group there instead of coming into Exeter, please contact the leader and let them know that you intend to do so, in case there is any last minute change of plan.

What to bring
The following equipment is required for all walks:

~ Walking boots or strong shoes; boots are essential for walking on Dartmoor
~ Waterproof coat and overtrousers
~ Warm clothing, including hat, gloves and spare layers
~ Sun cream and a hat in summer
~ A packed lunch and plenty to drink (we recommend at least 1 litre of fluids)
~ Spare footwear to change into at the end of the walk.

Dogs are not allowed on any club walks.

For your own safety and that of the group, you are asked to comply with the following requests:

~ Do not walk in front of the leader, unless invited to do so.
~ Listen and respond to any instructions the leader may give. This is particularly important when crossing rivers and streams.
~ Stay with the group at all times. Let the leader or ‘back marker’ know if you need to stop for any reason or if you are leaving the walk.
~ Please do not attempt to walk if you are not feeling well, and inform the leader immediately if you feel unwell during the course of a walk.

The Exeter Rambling Club accepts no responsibility for any circumstances that may arise during or as a consequence of any walk.  Members walk at their own risk and are advised to check their own accident insurance and to take due care at all times.

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